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2001 Activities


Here are some of the events that Floating the Apple organized or participated in during the latter half of 2001:


Special Events - End 2001


Wed. 22nd, 9 AM Invasion of Long Island, meeting at Red Hook.

Call FTA office at 212-564-5412

Sat. 25th, 9 AM Hook to Hook, East River CREW’s row on that river.

Meeting at Red Hook, Call M.N. Hawk at 212-472-2198

Wed. 29th, 7 AM Evacuation of Brooklyn, meeting at Fulton Ferry.

Call FTA office at 212-564-5412



Sun. 2nd, noon Jamaica Bay Sail, For details call Eric Russell at 718-646-2655

Tue. 4th, 7:30 PM Floating the Apple Meeting: review of safety procedures and fall program. Meeting at Greenwich Village Community Boathouse.

Sun. 9th, 9 AM Dykman Marina Festival: meeting at Clinton, Greenwich Village and Weehawken Community Boathouses. Call FTA office at 212-564-5412

Sat.15th Weehawken Day Celebration, Call Jim Dette at 201-866-0692.

Sun.16th, 9:AM Governors Island Armada, meeting at Pier 40 Cove.

Call FTA office at 212-564-5412



Date pending Youth Row to and BBQ at Greenwich Village Boathouse

Call FTA at 212-564-5412

Date pending Youth Race to Weehawken, Call FTA office at 212-564-5412

Date pending Palisades Fall Colors, Beach Baseball & Cook Out, including all community boathouses’ rowers and sailors.

Call FTA office at 212-564-5412

31st, evening Village Halloween Parade, Call MN Hawk at 212-472-2198


Last modified: June 25, 2002